February  12-15 Denver, CO

What is PT in the Community All About


To impact the lives of locals living in the community that we visit for National PT Conferences, with an emphasis in school-aged children and the homeless population.


The idea of “PT in the Community” came about in New Orleans, 2018, during CSM. A few of us decided to leave the conference center, the area of town all together, and went to a local school fundraiser. We spent time in the community, broke bread with them, danced with them, and donated to their cause. We then realized something that most of us probably already knew, but thought little about. And that is that thousands of us, upwards of 17 thousand, descend upon a city for a few days, but do little for the folks that actually live there. Yes, there have been a couple events geared towards donating money to a local cause, but nothing that facilitated real face-to-face interactions.

2019 was different. A spark was hit and a flame of passion was lit. A handful of us decided to pitch in and get supplies to distribute to the homeless of DC. Grabbing others along the way, we put together care packages containing soap, toilet paper, socks, gloves, protein bars, peanuts, sanitary wipes, bananas, oranges, and bottled water. A total of 36 bags were made and distributed, while also getting to learn a little from those that would share.

Logistics for 2020

For CSM 2020, the plan is to do it again!

This time an initiative that is two-fold. Educating school-aged children and helping the homeless population.

Educating Kids on Health & Movement

In collaboration with the Colorado Chapter of APTA and the Denver Public Schools, educational assemblies will be held at multiple school locations the afternoon of WEDNESDAY (February 12th) of CSM. The educational material will consist of information on healthier living, the importance of movement & safe physical activity, as well as break out sessions to “MOVE.” We will also be educating on the Physical Therapy profession!

Helping the Homeless

In collaboration with homeless shelters and food banks, we will be helping serve meals, stock warehouse supplies and put together care packages!

Volunteer Opportunity Sign-Ups are HERE!

Click the Link Below

Donate Time or Donate Dime

As you could image, both parts of this initiative will require volunteered time and donated funds to pull it off. We are offering opportunity to present at the school assemblies and serve the undeserved. Donated funds will be used to purchase equipment (such as exercise band and balance pads) for the schools and items for the homeless care packages.

Whether you plan to be in Denver or not, we hope for your support!

©PTintheCommunity 2019

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