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February  2021


What is PT in the Community All About


To impact the lives of locals living in the community that we visit for National PT Conferences, with an emphasis in school-aged children and the homeless population.

However, the pandemic and a virtual CSM has forced us to grow our initial plans! Keep on reading to see how the initiative can help your OWN community! 


The idea of “PT in the Community” came about in New Orleans, 2018, during CSM. A few of us decided to leave the conference center, the area of town all together, and went to a local school fundraiser. We spent time in the community, broke bread with them, danced with them, and donated to their cause. We then realized something that most of us probably already knew, but thought little about. And that is that thousands of us, upwards of 17 thousand, descend upon a city for a few days, but do little for the folks that actually live there. Yes, there have been a couple events geared towards donating money to a local cause, but nothing that facilitated real face-to-face interactions.

2019 was different. A spark was hit and a flame of passion was lit. A handful of us decided to pitch in and get supplies to distribute to the homeless of DC. Grabbing others along the way, we put together care packages containing soap, toilet paper, socks, gloves, protein bars, peanuts, sanitary wipes, bananas, oranges, and bottled water. A total of 36 bags were made and distributed, while also getting to learn a little from those that would share.

2020 was even better! Pre-pandemic of course. We raised over $7,000 with this grassroots effort. We secured equipment for 11 Denver Public Schools and provided educational sessions on health, physical activity activity, and physical therapy. We put together 320 care packages that went to multiple homeless shelters around Denver and served several hundred meals.

Logistics for 2021

For CSM 2021, the script is flipped!

With CSM being totally virtual, we have been given the opportunity to think outside of the box! And truly bring PT in the Community. Your OWN Community!



Rules of the Game

CSM 2021 will be a team-based competition! Where teams will have the opportunity to earn points by bringing PT in the Community, no matter where they are or how they do it (physical distancing is strongly encouraged). 

Since virtual CSM is scheduled to be the entire month of February, we are taking the opportunity to offer FOUR main challenges (1 for every week of February) and many other ways to earn points. 

The TOP 3 winning teams will earn funds to support their future local community initiative!!

We are still in the developmental stages of figuring out all the logistics, so please bear with us!

Each team must have a minimum of 10 members.

Each team member must donate a minimum of $10.

Each team must identify (and explain in detail) a LOCAL community initiative they would like to support or start. 

Participating teams are encouraged to find new and innovative ways to engage the community in light of Covid-19 and your own city regulations.

Any engagement done in person should follow social distancing and guidelines as provided by the CDC

It does not matter if the challenge is completed virtually, in-person, or other, points will be awarded equally. 

Donate Time or Donate Dime

Donating Time means that you intend to participate in 2021's team-based competition. Please allow us time to work out all the logistics in order to sign up.

Donating Dime means that you want to support future community engagements that stimulate change, promote health, and promote physical therapy!

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